For immediate release 28 January 2013


Businesses around Queensland pitching in to help each other.

The devastating floods that have swept through Queensland and NSW over the past few days have caused incredible damage to both homes and businesses. Brisbane company and small business, Creative Intersection, has utilized their expertise in web design and online applications, to create a website that will help businesses that have been inundated with flood water find free, temporary office space and facilities.

Creative Intersection's Managing Director, Ian Exaudi, explains: "We initially set up this service in 2011 to support businesses affected by the 2011 Floods as we were fortunate at the time be unscathed. This time around, we're a little closer to the action with our new Milton office close to flooding. The simplest thing we could think of is to open our doors to businesses who need a computer, a desk, a telephone, and Internet connectivity to carry on with their own work".

Taking that concept one step further, Creative Intersection has today relaunched our website ( which allows any business to register the facilities and services that they are willing to donate to other businesses who have been affected by the floods.

Businesses whose premises have been affected by floods can then search the database for those facilities and services to find ways to keep going until they get back on their feet.

Creative Intersection being the first business to register is offering the use of 5 desk spaces with internet and phone access in their office in Milton. "It's not an entirely selfless act. We know that if we don't help out our business 'neighbours' now, they may not be here tomorrow and we rely on those neighbours for our own livelihoods. I think that's what defines a Business Community." Mr Exaudi said.

To use this free service, please visit

MEDIA: For more information, contact Ian Exaudi on 1300 853 868